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Silver Thomas Hanley's Design could be the next "BIG THING"

The team at Silver Thomas Hanley have been working hard to deliver Edith Cowan Universities' new Science Building and it could just be Australia’s next “Big Thing”.

Featuring a ginormous Periodic Table; which at 662m2, is more than four times the size of the Periodic Table at Spain's University of Murcia which was created in 2017 (150m2). University Vice-Chancellor Professor Steve Chapman stated “This should be on the list of Australia's Big Things and in my humble opinion I think this is the most intellectual of Australia's Big Things”. With more than 150 “Big Things” throughout Australia, the university believes this may be the biggest Periodic Table in the world! Professor Chapman has radiated enthusiasm and support for the design; he even plans to lecture his first year students in-front of the table.

Seeing this project come to its final stages is particularly special, as 2019 also marks the 150th anniversary of the table's creation by chemist Dmitri Mendeleev

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