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PROJECT COMPLETION // Murdoch University Building 360 Boola Katitjin

Murdoch University's Building 360 Boola Katitjin was delivered in collaboration with Lyons, TheFulcrum.Agency, ASPECT Studios and Officer Woods. The project is the first large-scale mass engineered timber building in Western Australia, marking the beginning of a visionary transformation set to unlock the campus centre, consolidate the academic core, and provide a new address for the university.

The world-leading engineered timber frame is closely connected with Murdoch University's bush campus. Through a series of workshops with the client, the design team developed a shared vision for the iconic timber construction. Laminated timber beams and columns are used in conjunction with cross-laminated timber floor panels, to utilise plantation-grown timber as a replacement for traditional concrete and steel structure for the majority of the building.

The project called for significant flexibility to accommodate the future needs of Murdoch's teaching and learning, resulting in an adaptable grid and warehouse model design. There was an established need for spaces that encourage large format collaborative learning. The building achieved a 6 Start Green Star rating and was named Boola Katitjin, from the Noongar language translating to "lots of learning".

Thank you to @johngollings for the below photos.

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