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COMING SOON // Grandton Applecross

Silver Thomas Hanley, is excited to see construction about to commence on the Grandton Applecross project for Norup + Wilson.

The luxury senior living project is designed to provide adaptation to changing health and lifestyle needs with 24-hour service within the building and achieves a five-star Green Star rating.

The 14-storey development is set to deliver 80 serviced apartments along with 10 private care suites and a wide range of communal facilities including:

  • Heated indoor swimming pool

  • Yoga/ wellness room

  • Beauty/ hair dressing

  • Day spa services

  • Cinema room

  • Lounges and dining facilities

  • Rooftop tranquility garden

  • Ground floor lounge and piazza area

PACT, part of ABN group, is set to start construction on the $110M project in the upcoming weeks.


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