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AWARD // DPIRD Temporary Laboratories

Silver Thomas Hanley proudly received the Department of Finance 2022 Supplier Performance Award for Best Project – DPIRD Laboratories. Located in Kensington, this project was delivered from design to construction completion in an incredible 13 months.

DPIRD Temporary Laboratories External View Façade
Photography: Silvertone Photography

Consisting of complex engineering systems, these PC2 Laboratory areas were delivered to a very high standard during a period when the construction sector was heavily impacted by labour and materials shortages. The laboratories were constructed to provide immediate biosecurity and research services to the State’s primary industries while planning is underway for long-term metropolitan facilities.

The new facilities consist of:

  • Microbiology laboratory suites 1 & 2

  • Microbiology laboratory suite 3 that support gaseous decontamination

  • Specimen processing suites 1 & 2

  • Laboratory support facilities, sample receival & external storage space

  • Reception area and staff amenities

  • Audit workspaces and meeting room

The design focused on delivering a quality outcome in the shortest possible time frame. Silver Thomas Hanley and BPA produced the steel shop drawings during the tender period, enabling ADCO to commence procurement and production of the steelwork as soon as the contract was awarded.

The project required a quick turnaround time, and the highly collaborative process involved in this unique contract was fundamental to its success. The project motto of ‘Strength in Collaboration’ was embraced by the Department of Finance, Consulting team, Contractor and Client Agency to achieve this successful outcome.

'Strength in Collaboration'

We thank all our staff and project partners involved in this project.


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